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Our Global Impact


Making Life Better Globally

We want to incorporate even greater purpose and meaning into what we do together. And we want to play our part in helping to make the world a better place for us all by achieving the UN Global Goals for humanity.

And that’s why we’ve partnered with the B1G1 Global Giving Movement to make you a big commitment..


Our Promise to You and to the World

Just by doing what we normally do together, you'll also automatically be helping in wonderful ways.

  • Each and every month, we provide 150 days of access to life-saving healthcare to people.
  • Each and every month, we sponsor 20 essential items to hospitalized children's families.
  • Each and every month, we provide 10 days of digital training for aboriginal communities.
  • Each and every month, we provide 50 days of early childhood education.
  • Each and every month, we give 40 meals to rescued animals in Australia.

Carehaven Contribution
865 & counting

Climate Smart Impact

Green Fleet

We’re Partnered with Greenfleet

Carehaven Services has taken a significant step towards environmental sustainability through donations to sustainable organisations such as Greenfleet. By partnering with Greenfleet, a renowned environmental non-profit organisation, we have made a tangible and positive impact on the environment. Our contribution supports Greenfleet’s mission of restoring native forests and offsetting carbon emissions by planting trees across Australia and New Zealand.

Through this partnership, Carehaven Services is actively combating climate change and promoting a greener future. By investing in reforestation efforts, we are helping to restore and protect vital ecosystems, create habitats for wildlife, and improve air quality. Trees play a crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. With each tree we help plant, we are making a direct and lasting impact on reducing carbon emissions, mitigating the effects of climate change, and fostering a healthier planet for future generations.

Our Local Impact

Office Supplies

Supporting Australian Businesses

At Carehaven Services, we are proud to actively support Australian businesses, recognising the importance of fostering economic growth and self-determination within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. As part of our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, we purchase office supplies from Muru Office Supplies, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-owned business certified by Supply Nation.

We believe that supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses not only strengthens the local economy but also promotes cultural preservation and empowerment. It is our ongoing endeavour to continue supporting and engaging with Australian businesses, recognising their unique contributions to the business landscape and working towards a more inclusive and equitable future for all.